About Us

RealtyServe is the coming together of successful synergies from 7 cities with the aim of combining resources and years of experience with a focus on offering a delightfully comprehensive and standardized nation-wide experience in real estate dealing and transaction. As a fast growing real estate service provider with a trusted reputation in the field, RealtyServe provides the highest quality of service to its clients, giving them access to expertise of the highest calibre.


We offer a range of comprehensive services in association with our partners to developers, owners, tenants and investors. Whether it is consultancy services, property planning, corporate real estate services, leasing, valuation or sales – we cater to commercial, industrial, retail, residential and investment properties, from hotels to resorts, schools to hospitals, and more. We also offer innovative solutions to developers and investors with favourable impact on their strategies. We help re-strategize businesses for developers / investors who are trapped with unscrupulous investments or even solutions to maximise their profits with an early exit. So, whether you are seeking or selling premises, looking to invest or plan new projects, be it a single property or large portfolio – RealtyServe can make your dream a reality.

Our Goals

Establish Vibrant Marketplace

Since 1996, RealtyServe has been a full-service independent real estate firm focused on establishing the most valuable and vibrant marketplace in the industry. The sole intention of the conglomerate was to get the best deals, best spaces and the best prices for everyone seeking more transparency, spotless transactions, and trusted expertise in the field. By bringing together the reserve of knowledge and experience in the real estate market, we set on the task of establishing the most vibrant marketplace that the industry has seen in India. Read More

Reinforce Real Estate

RealtyServe has served over 1800 clients in the past two decades. Trust, quality and transparency are the core values that help us in reinforcing the industry. The real estate business is believed to be a rough terrain, and trust is hard to build. With clear principles that ran our institutions thus far, we found trust in our clients that would pave way to RealtyServe – a trusted platform for real estate transactions that would also reinforce real estate as a business for developers and investors alike. Read More
  • Our vision is to set the benchmark for the business and industry of real estate in India – to be the first and the best in providing our clients with choices reflecting only the highest quality and expertise in the field, through collaboration and professionalism.

  • To offer our clients the truest information, best resources and highest skills at their disposal, with an approach to delivery that is synchronized with innovation and precision.

  • Trust, integrity and quality are the core values of our work culture. Our reputation lies in the principles that reflect in our unrelenting commitment towards responsible and sustainable business practices.

  • At RealtyServe, we create an environment that encourages new ideas, opinions and innovations. We make sure that we deliver solutions creatively, intelligently and diligently to our clients, whose trust is pivotal to our drive, and a motivation in all our endeavours.

Our Achievements


Prime IT/ITES SEZ office spaces for lease, and over 5 million square feet of combined space at your disposal for rent, investment, and development, retail and otherwise.


5000 of the best residential apartments in the choicest locations within the city.


Over 1000 acres of land including flourishing residential and retail spaces.


Thousands of apartments, over hundreds of acres, with the best real estate experts at your service.


More than 5000 apartments with the highest class of amenities for our happy customers.


Development of over 5 million square feet of commercial space, in the most strategic locations for business and residential purposes.

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